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  • Provincial Exhibition Moldova: 300 prizes for the best pigeons and pigeon fanciers

    Postat la 04.01.2019

    The best pigeons from Moldova Province were awarded and presented to the public in Botosani during the 5th edition of the Provincial Exhibition of Moldova, which took place on December 22 and 23, at Rapsody City Center in Botoşani. The exhibition brought together 240 birds, including national and provincial champions, national and provincial vice-champions, including pigeons from the national and provincial top 10. According to the organisers, the exhibition had 96 categories and 300 prize...

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  • Pigeon food: barley, corn, millet, wheat

    Postat la 18.02.2018

    I will give a concise description of the main pigeon foods and their most striking properties. Firstly we have the cereals which are rich in carbohydrates and only contain little to very little crude fibre.   The cereals are generally readily eaten, they are they are rather low in protein and moreover they are of a lesser quality. The cereals are not rich in vitamins, they contain hardly any vitamin A, contain practically no vitamin D, they do however contain quite a lot of...

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  • Metachol - used and recommended by Jos THONE

    Postat la 30.12.2017

    We are finding ourselves in the season when we have to use the winter treatments and we must do everything we can to keep our pigeons healthy. ATTENTION! Every treatment with antibiotics will affect directly the liver and the intestines of the pigeons. This is the reason why, after we give them a treatment, without a relevant number of days, we try to work on keeping their liver and their intestines healthy.  Today we will talk about the regeneration of the liver, after...

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  • 1st Marathon race 2017 - Gerard Koopman

    Postat la 07.07.2017

    Limoges 2017  A bit south-west of Central France, at the side of the Central Massive, the city of Limoges is situated.  Limoges is the liberation point of the traditional season-opening for the marathon races where only 2-years old and older birds are allowed.  The race from Limoges is often a hard race and again this edition was a really tough one!  We entered a team of 28 racers that were prepared very thoroughly. Next to the weekly races with the combine, we...

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  • Jelle Jellema (NL) - Youngsters of his best breeders

    Postat la 26.10.2017

    A round of youngsters from the best breeders of Jelle Jellema is traditionally a sensational event in any auction season. Jelle is the number one champion in the extreme long distance, and he added a 2nd Nat. Barcelona and a 2nd Int. Perpignan to his palmares this season. The invaluable Zwart Goud dynasty is the indestructible foundation of this breed, with the bloodlines of New Laureaat and Arjan Beens adding fresh blood. Jelle Jellema will be selling youngsters from all of his best...

  • Erik Limbourg (Brussegem, BE) went through the 2017 season like a madman

    Postat la 19.10.2017

    Erik Limbourg from Brussegem in Flemish Brabant can look back on yet another great season, winning six provincial, one zonal and a few national top results. Meanwhile, several other lofts had great results with his pigeons as well.   Three star team In one of our previous articles we talked about how pigeon racing has its own top brands, similar to the top brands in the automobile industry. Well, the brands of Erik Limbourg or Ace Pigeon have an excellent reputation among...

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  • Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL) in the spotlight again with a 2nd National Barcelona

    Postat la 21.07.2017

    Jelle Jellema lives up to his reputation again in 2017 with a splendid result in the national race from Barcelona. His racing hen wins a 2nd National against 4,504 pigeons, and he has no less than 10 pigeons in the top 300. A great result. A great result Jelle Jellema shows once again that he can be successful in Barcelona as well, despite the distance to his loft. He had basketed 21 pigeons, and 11 of them were able to take a top prize. Among these 11 prize winners ten racing...

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  • Erik Limbourg, Brussegem, quality is showing off !

    Postat la 15.06.2017

    Only the top is good enough for Erik, good results aren't good enough, the results must be superb! Getting a lot of prizes, no, getting a lot of head prizes is his goal. Whether he is succeeding in  2017? You can make up your own mind in this article. Erik started of the season with 30 old cocks, 65 year bird cocks, 10 old hens and 30 year bird hens. He doesn't breed with his racing team but they can come onto eggs which will be taken away after about 8 days, this happens in...

  • The idea of Jos Thoné - The system of total widowership

    Postat la 23.05.2017

    At the back of every widowers’ loft, there’s a loft for the hens. Jos can bring males and females easily together with the help of a sliding gate, installed at the bottom of the separating wall. When he'd like to give his troop free-flight, he operates on a special changing system. At first, you may think it must be very complicated, but within the daily practice it’s quite simple: Through a common corridor, Jos lets the hens off for their daily free-flight. While the...

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  • The building of FRSC in Bacău

    Postat la 15.08.2016

    Last week in Moinești, Bacău, had place the meeting of the fanciers from: Moinești, Dărmănești, Comănești, Tg. Ocna and Onești, and there were also invited other fanciers from Vaslui County. There were presented 25 fanciers and on the agenda of the meeting were two big points that had to be discussed: 1. Racing plan for the youngsters 2. The joining of the members of the fanciers clubs from Bacău County at FRSC In the end, the fancier voted the joining at FRSC and, together with...

  • porumbei360.ro - the ambassador of Beyers Belgium in Romania

    Postat la 10.06.2016

    Beyers Belgium can be the most appreciated company when it comes to pigeon fanciers from the entire world. Starting with this year, Beyers is even closer to the romanian fancier. By the partnership Beyers signed with porumbei360.ro, Romania has the posibility to use the most appreciated Beyers products, the same products that the big famous fanciers are using too. CHAMPIONS CHOOSE BEYERS! There is no champion that won a competition without their friend, Beyers. The list of famous...

  • HOT SPOT 1 – 125km – 322 from 335

    Postat la 11.08.2016

    During this period, the most of the one loft races are organising Hot Spots - some of them are organising their first, some their last one, but, with a few exceptions, some of them have already organised the finals also. We are not gonna analyse the other one loft races results, but instead we are gonna talk about the one we have a partnership with - Honest Race OLD Targoviste, Dambovita. WORK VISIT Last week, when we were visiting the loft (we try to visit the loft two times in a...

  • porumbei360.ro - the importer of Vet Schroeder Tollisan in Romania

    Postat la 26.06.2016

    Johannes Jakobs, the actionar of the most famous company that produces meds and conditionning products Vet-Schroeder+Tollisan, considered one of the best companies in the world, together with Klaus Geraldy, the producer of the racing pigeons transporting cars visited, in the last weekend, Romania and started a collaboration with www.porumber360.ro   porumbei360.ro - the direct importer of Vet-Schroeder+Tollisan in Romania   So, beggining with this year, porumbei360.ro...

  • Honest Race OLR – a project guaranteed by www.porumbei360.ro (www.pigeons360.com) – passion and performance

    Postat la 25.05.2016

    THE BEST FOOD www.porumbei360.ro is putting together BEYERS (the best food provider used by European champions) and Honest Race OLR Starting with july, the food provided by the OLR will have 10% Beyers food mixed with the regular one. Weekly, the percentage of Beyers concentration will grow with 10% and by the date of the Semi-finale and the Finale, in september, we will get to have 100% Beyers food offered to the pigeons. The food will be the one offered and recommended directly by...

  • Marathon DERBY International, Malta – Latvia

    Postat la 26.06.2016

    Free participation for all the pigeon fanciers from FRSC, UCP or FCPR The minimum distance: 900 km - July 09 2016 2nd period of registration: May 01 - July 26 You can sign in with your entries by accesing the Facebook page: Familia Afrasinei or by calling at: 0756951100. Entry fee (5 birds), 1st Zone = 75 lei; 2nd, 3rd, 4th Zone = 125 lei Starting with July 27, the fees for the entries will be 175 lei. This measure is taken because we want to avoid the unpredictable situation and the...

  • Porumbei360.ro & Team Florea Sorin - a successful partnership

    Postat la 29.06.2016

    A new successful partnership gets shape and it is almost making history in Romania and abroad. The collaboration between mr. Florea (the Team Florea Sorin manager) and Afrasinei (the manager of porumbei360.ro) started in early 2015, when they went together in Europe to the most famous pigeons fanciers, to buy some new series of pigeons and to find out new things about how the fanciers are growing and conditioning their birds; they were also interested in finding out new ways of training...

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  • Jos Thoné (As, BE): Fast, faster, fastest

    Postat la 17.02.2018

    Jos Thoné is known as a true all round champion who knows how to perform at the highest level at all distances. Over the past few years Jos has formed a magnificent racing team of sprint birds which meets all criteria necessary to compete in modern pigeon racing.   Fast, faster, fastest You can easily call this Jos Thoné’s motto, certainly when talking about his pure sprint racers. Next to an excellent racing team in the longer middle distance, long...

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  • Romania is preparing to welcome the future sky champions

    Postat la 07.05.2020

    This April laid the foundations of one of the many auctions held by PIPA. The competition was fierce, but we managed to buy six pigeons with parental history worthy of envy. Four of them are part of the collection of the well-known Jelle Jellema, the largest breeder of racing pigeons in the Netherlands. The other two pigeons are part of the collection of Gaby Vandenabeele and Gino Clicque, breeders who are proud of their valuable collections. The 6 specimens will arrive in the production...