Avisana 50ml

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Avisana 50ml


48.00 RON


48.00 RON


Avisana 50ml

Successfully disinfects the nostrils and eyes.

It can also be used for wounds. Forms a beneficial microflora with the help of probiotic bacteria in the component. It is ph-neutral and very economical to use.

Avisana does not contain dyes and flavors. Avisana forms a very beneficial probiotic environment in the applied areas, so that any other disinfection is no longer necessary.

Instructions for use:

- contest - before the competitions a drop in each nostril and eyes when boarding.

- on arrival from the competition: on the day of arrival.

- after the training stages carried out in cool weather or with rain.

- throughout the year in case of irritations of the nasal or conjunctival mucosa 2 times a day 1 drop in each nostril or eye.

Shake before use! The product has a long shelf life.


Presentation: 50 ml bottle.

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